11:58 am
Fri June 17, 2011

Hunting and fishing on the rise in bad economy

Sport fishermen cast into the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam.
Tom Banse Northwest News Network

Are more people hunting and fishing for food during these tough economic times? Possibly. However, the recent upturn in the number of people buying a hunting and fishing license is probably due to unemployed construction workers with more time on their hands, one department official said.

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Other News
11:42 am
Fri June 17, 2011

E. coli sickens four after visits to Everett farm

An animal farm run by Everett's parks department is thought to be the source of E. coli infections that have sickened four people.
Alex Flickr

Two children are among four people sickened by E. coli infections after recent visits to the city of Everett animal farm.

Dr. Gary Goldbaum of the Snohomish Health District says one child was hospitalized for several days but has since been discharged. All four people reported vomiting and diarrhea.

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Body Art
11:07 am
Fri June 17, 2011

New microdermal piercing technique facing scrutiny

Deanna Wardin Flickr

Installing a piece of jewelry with microdermal anchors just under the skin involves some pain and a little blood and an increasing level of scrutiny from state officials.

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10:13 am
Fri June 17, 2011

Fighting over 'philanthropy'

There appears to be a deep-seated intellectual boil festering at the base of our discussions around philanthropy, foreign aid and development, reports our global health blog Humanosphere.

Tom Paulson, who runs the blog, says he’s not sure anyone really knows what they mean.

He is sure the experts on philanthropy, aid and development all think they know what they mean, “but as a journalist assigned to cover this stuff — and asked to translate it into “normal” language — I’m increasingly running into debates about fundamentals, if not outright confusion.”

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9:29 am
Fri June 17, 2011

Protesters gather at Boeing vs. NLRB hearing

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – About two dozen protesters have gathered in North Charleston as a congressional committee opens a hearing on the National Labor Relations Board complaint against Boeing.

The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is convening here Friday to discuss the complaint.

Outside the chamber, Charleston docks worker Georgette Carr said the state needs good jobs but that companies shouldn't be allowed to break federal labor laws in creating them.



Vancouver Riot
9:00 am
Fri June 17, 2011

'True' Vancouver cleans up after Stanley Cup riot

Vancouver residents write messages such as “We Love Van,” “The Real Vancouver is here today,” “Respect Our City” and “We love our Canucks…we don’t love rioting fools.”
Craig McCulloch KPLU

The day after mayhem erupted on the streets of Vancouver, B.C., over the Canucks’ loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final, thousands of residents came downtown to help with cleanup efforts and write messages on the sheets of plywood covering shattered windows.

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6:41 am
Fri June 17, 2011

Friday morning's headlines

A power company lineman removes a young deer carcass that was dropped onto a power line possibly by an eagle in East Missoula, Mont. The incident caused a power outage.
Associated Press
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5:00 am
Fri June 17, 2011

Navigating tweendom: A dad's tale

Writer Tim Haywood navigating fatherhood with a smile.
Erin Hennessey KPLU

Being a father of tweens and teens isn't easy. Just ask writer Tim Haywood. With Father's Day coming up, Tim reflects on his efforts to take the high road, even when it gets bumpy.

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Sports with Art Thiel
9:00 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Riots mar end to spectacular season for Vancouver Canucks

Parked cars were set on fire, others were tipped over, and looters shattered storefronts and ransacked businesses following the Vancouver Canucks' 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.
Photo by Craig McCulloch KPLU

It started out as remarkable, but ended in riots. The 2010-11 season for the Vancouver Canucks was one for the record books - in more ways than one.

KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel says the violence that occurred on the streets of downtown Vancouver after Game 7 was a bizarre end to the "strange" championship series between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

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Budget Cuts
4:25 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Options for Seattle community centers include closures

Dancers face off in a competition at Southwest Community Center. Seattle officials say the centers aren't sustainable and some could close.
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Some neighborhoods could lose their central gathering spots for kids and seniors. The city is considering closing several community centers or reducing hours to cut costs. 

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State funds
3:41 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Forecast takes $570 million bite out of state reserves

Washington lawmakers left town last month with a balanced budget and $700 million in a reserve fund. However, the revenue forecast for Washington released today erases most of that cushion.

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3:10 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Invasive eelgrass doesn't follow the usual invader's script

Japanese eelgrass smothered Willapa Bay clam beds in September 2010.
Dr. Kim Patten WSU Extension

WILLAPA BAY, Wash. – The usual story of invasive species goes something like this: An exotic plant or critter hitches a ride on an incoming cargo ship. Alarm bells go off. An eradication campaign starts. But now there's a non-native seaweed on the West Coast that breaks the mold. Japanese eelgrass has defenders along with its critics.

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1:04 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Dems want NLRB attorney's testimony delayed

Two ranking Democrats say a labor board attorney shouldn't have to testify about an ongoing lawsuit over South Carolina's Boeing plant.

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Sports with Art Thiel
11:13 am
Thu June 16, 2011

Preview: Bizarre end to 'strange' Stanley Cup series

Art Thiel discusses the "strangest" Stanley Cup series ever and the posts-game rioting.
Craig McCulloch KPLU

"This was one of the strangest seven-game series I've ever witnessed in any sport," said KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel, regarding the Boston Bruins defeating the Vancouver Canucks 4-0, in Vancouver, to win the Stanley Cup.

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10:51 am
Thu June 16, 2011

Chase ordered to disclose ATM fee

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says JP Morgan Chase must figure out a way to make their ATMs warn welfare clients of an 85-cent fee to withdraw cash. The governor made her comments Wednesday after she declined to veto the disclosure requirement.

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