Bomb en Suspect in bomb case expressed Neo-Nazi views as “Joe Snuffy” <p></p><p>This week Northeast Washington learned one of its residents is suspected of being a Neo-Nazi terrorist. The FBI arrested 36-year-old Kevin Harpham for allegedly planting a bomb in a backpack along the route of Spokane&#39;s Martin Luther King Day Parade. Harpham is now being held at the Spokane County Jail.</p><p> Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:11:45 +0000 Jessica Robinson & KPLU News Staff 980 at Spokane backpack bomb 'unusually sophisticated' <p></p><p>The FBI says a backpack bomb found along the Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane could have hurt many people. A bomb disposal unit safely defused the device Monday. Now the federal government has enlisted a joint terrorism task force to track down the would-be bomber.</p><p> Wed, 19 Jan 2011 15:25:30 +0000 Tom Banse & KPLU News Staff 557 at Spokane backpack bomb 'unusually sophisticated'