low income borrowers http://kplu.org en Internet lending worries spur move to end payday loan limits http://kplu.org/post/internet-lending-worries-spur-move-end-payday-loan-limits <p>http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/kplu/local-kplu-950330.mp3</p><p>A state law that went into effect early last year limited the number of payday loans borrowers could get per year to eight. It aims to protect people from falling into an endless spiral of debt.</p><p>But a Tacoma legislator, who originally backed the law, says it's driving people into the clutches of far worse lenders, on the Internet.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 02 Feb 2011 23:35:36 +0000 Bellamy Pailthorp 699 at http://kplu.org Internet lending worries spur move to end payday loan limits Payday lenders finding ways around Washington's new law http://kplu.org/post/payday-lenders-finding-ways-around-washingtons-new-law <p><a href="http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/kplu/local-kplu-948568.mp3">http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/kplu/local-kplu-948568.mp3</a></p><p>A law that went into effect at the start of last year puts new limits on payday lenders.&nbsp; It created a registry of borrowers and restricts them from taking out more than eight of the high-interest loans in a year.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 22 Jan 2011 02:45:17 +0000 Bellamy Pailthorp 620 at http://kplu.org