workers compensation en Businesses get a $350M break from state worker programs <p>OLYMPIA, Wash. &ndash; Washington businesses will get some unexpected tax relief next year &ndash; to the tune of $350 million. Governor Chris Gregoire made the announcement Thursday in Olympia.</p><p>&ldquo;There will be no overall increase in workers&rsquo; compensation rates in 2012 and an actual reduction in unemployment insurance rates for all rate classes,&quot; Gregoire said.</p><p> Thu, 01 Dec 2011 22:36:31 +0000 Austin Jenkins 3321 at I-1082 Would Allow Private Insurers for Workers Comp <p>Washington is one of only four states in the nation that offers workers compensation insurance only through a government agency.&nbsp;&nbsp; That could change this November.&nbsp; Initiative 1082 would allow private insurers to enter the market.&nbsp;&nbsp; Backers of the measure say the competition would force rates down on a tax that&#39;s been going up steadily in recent years.&nbsp;&nbsp; Opponents say it&#39;s a power grab by the insurance industry that could leave injured workers in a lurch.&nbsp;&nbsp; KPLU business and labor reporter Bellamy Pailthorp has the story.</p> Thu, 28 Oct 2010 00:24:35 +0000 64 at I-1082 Would Allow Private Insurers for Workers Comp