Kentaro Toyama en Results still unclear for Wash. charter initiative <p></p><p>More ballots have been counted, but the results are still unclear for Washington's charter schools initiative.&nbsp;The measure is narrowly passing, but hundreds of thousands of votes have yet to be counted.</p><p> Thu, 08 Nov 2012 03:06:37 +0000 The Associated Press 7055 at "Geek heretic": Technology cannot end poverty <p>;feature=player_embedded</p><p>Kentaro Toyama is clearly a heretic. A geek heretic.</p><p>And, based on his career path, I would guess brilliant.</p><p>A computer scientist currently at the University of California, Berkeley, Toyama co-founded <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Research India</a> in 2005 and remained there as assistant managing director until 2009.</p><p>If you&rsquo;re not familiar with what they do at Microsoft Research, think artificial intelligence, computer vision, terabyte juggling, high-octane mathematics and the craziest things you can try to do with bits, bytes or any kind of information technology.</p><p><a href=""><strong>Read more:</strong> Mon, 09 May 2011 16:08:36 +0000 Tom Paulson 1554 at