Charles Krafft en The art of disaster <p></p><p>When you think of porcelain, your grandmother&rsquo;s fancy dishes might come to mind. The ones that are taken out of the cabinet only for Thanksgiving and other special holidays. Or maybe you own a beautiful china vase.</p><p>There are a lot of delicate dishes and trinkets in the home of Seattle artist <a href="">Charles Krafft</a>. But his pieces go beyond pastels and pretty flowers.</p><p>Krafft has made a career out of messing with our expectations of ceramic art. Pouring tea from one of his teapots or eating from one of Krafft&rsquo;s plates might make you lose your appetite. Sun, 29 May 2011 14:00:00 +0000 Jennifer Wing 1676 at The art of disaster