IRA en Death and IRAs <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">You've worked hard to fund your golden years with an Individual Retirement Account (</span><a href=",-Individual-Retirement-Arrangements-(IRAs)" style="line-height: 1.5;">IRA</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;">). But what happens to that money when you die?</span></p><p>Well, since you won't be around, maybe you're not worried about it. But financial commentator Greg Heberlein says a little planning now can make things easier on your loved ones down the road.</p><p> Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:00:00 +0000 Dave Meyer & Greg Heberlein 10025 at Death and IRAs Beware of IRA pitfalls <p><a href=",,id=226255,00.html">Individual Retirement Accounts</a> (IRAs) are great for planning your financial future.&nbsp;But if you don't pay attention to the rules, you could find yourself in trouble.</p><p>Financial Commentator Greg Heberlein and KPLU's Dave Meyer look at IRA pitfalls to avoid on this week's Money Matters.</p><p> Tue, 21 Aug 2012 19:44:27 +0000 Dave Meyer 6010 at Beware of IRA pitfalls How fast should you spend your IRA in retirement? <p>Retirement planning can be hard. Traditional, defined benefit pensions are going the way of the dodo bird. The majority of us will depend on a mix of Social Security, IRAs and 401(k) plans.</p><p>On this week&#39;s <em>Money Matters</em>, financial commentator Greg Heberlein and KPLU&#39;s&nbsp;Dave Meyer look at the best way to take money out of your IRA during &quot;the golden years&quot;.</p><p> Tue, 08 May 2012 12:00:00 +0000 Dave Meyer & Greg Heberlein 4951 at How fast should you spend your IRA in retirement?