Ian Birk http://kplu.org en Thursday morning's headlines http://kplu.org/post/thursday-mornings-headlines-9 <p>Making headlines around the Northwest this morning:</p><ul><li><strong>Hundreds Protest in Seattle After Birk Decision</strong></li><li><strong>Agreement Reached on Deficit Cutting Package</strong></li><li><strong><span lang="EN">Wet Snow for Parts of Western Washington </span></strong></li><li><strong>More Charges in Lakewood Police Shooting Case</strong></li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Surprise, Anger, Emotion Follow Birk Rebuke, Resignation</strong></p><p>Protesters numbering in the hundreds marched from downtown Seattle to a Capitol Hill Police precinct following&nbsp;<a href="http://kplu.org/post/angry-protesters-demand-justice-slain-woodcarver">a day of dramatic developments </a>in the case of Officer Ian Birk. In the span of a few hours Wednesday:</p><ul><li>The King County Prosecutor&#39;s Office <a href="http://www.kingcounty.gov/~/media/Prosecutor/documents/Charging_Decision.ashx">announced it would not file criminal charges against Birk </a>for the shooting death of Native American woodcarver John T. Williams.</li><li>The Seattle Police Firearms Review Board reported its finding that Birk&#39;s shooting of Williams was unjustified. (Video <a href="http://www.cityofseattle.net/police/news/2_16_2011/default.htm">here</a>.)</li><li>Officer Birk <a href="http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2011/02/16/statement-of-police-chief-john-diaz/">resigned </a>from the Seattle Police Department. Thu, 17 Feb 2011 16:09:58 +0000 KPLU News Staff 816 at http://kplu.org Thursday morning's headlines Woodcarver fatal shooting not justified, says Seattle Police board http://kplu.org/post/woodcarver-fatal-shooting-not-justified-says-seattle-police-board <p>The shooting death of a Native American woodcarver by a Seattle police officer last summer was not justified.&nbsp;That&rsquo;s <a href="http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2011/02/16/handouts-from-press-confererence-are-available/">the finding announced by the police department&rsquo;s Firearms Review Board</a> today.&nbsp;</p><p>The review found Officer Ian Birk&nbsp;took actions that were &quot;outside of policy, tactics and training.&quot;</p> Wed, 16 Feb 2011 22:12:50 +0000 KPLU News Staff & The Associated Press 810 at http://kplu.org Woodcarver fatal shooting not justified, says Seattle Police board Woodcarver's brother testifies at inquest http://kplu.org/post/woodcarvers-brother-testifies-inquest <p>The brother of the woodcarver killed by a Seattle policeman testified today during <a href="http://www.kplunews.org/post/inquest-begins-shooting-seattle-woodcarver">the inquest</a> into the shooting. Much of the testimony during the inquest has centered on whether John T. William’s knife was open or closed at the time he was shot by Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk, who has testified he feared the woodcarver was about to attack him.</p><p>On the stand today, John T. Williams older brother Rick told jurors he and his brother were <a href="http://www.king5.com/news/local/Brother-of-slain-woodcarver-takes-the-stand-in-inquest-114145634.html">taught by their father to close their knives </a>when they talked to people. Linda Byron of KING 5 News writes:</p><p> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 22:22:38 +0000 Paula Wissel 551 at http://kplu.org Woodcarver's brother testifies at inquest