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4:20 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

Lariviere firing sparks outrage on U of O campus

Students and faculty rally against the firing of University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere.
Sam Gehrke Northwest News Network

Hundreds of students and faculty crowded together on the University of Oregon campus Tuesday to express their anger and frustration over the firing of President Richard Lariviere.

"The people, united, will never be divided."

Last night, the Oregon board of higher education, led by Chancellor George Pernsteiner, gave president Lariviere his "30-day notice" sparking outrage among the university community.

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4:11 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

Spokane MLK Day Bomber To Face Sentencing

Recently unsealed court documents show photos on Kevin Harpham's camera of himself and parade participants on Martin Luther King Day. By U.S. District Court of Eastern Washington

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 3:55 pm

The man who planted a pipe bomb along the route of Spokane's Martin Luther King Day parade faces sentencing before a federal judge Wednesday. Kevin Harpham could spend between 27 and 32 years in prison under a plea deal reached with prosecutors.

Thirty-seven-year-old Kevin Harpham pleaded guilty to attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and a federal hate crime charge. The FBI arrested him in March in what they deemed a case of domestic terrorism.

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Earthquake warning
4:08 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

Work begins on regional earthquake early warning system

USGS map of the earthquakes in the USA from November 22-29, 2011.

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 2:35 pm

A research grant announced Tuesday will allow seismologists to take the first steps toward an early warning system for earthquakes in the Northwest. An operational system is still a long way off, but it could eventually resemble the computerized warnings pioneered in Japan.

Back in March, some Japanese residents got an alert via cell phone or a TV screen pop-up. The alert warned them that severe shaking would begin within seconds.

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network director John Vidale says an early warning, even of less than a minute, gives time to prepare.

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Life in the Northwest
1:52 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

Sophia, Jacob are the most popular baby names in Washington

If these babies were in Washington, several of them would be named Jacob and Sophia.
Associated Press

Sophia and Jacob top the list of most popular Washington baby names in 2010. Jacob was also the most popular name for boys nationwide, while Isabella topped the national list for girls (Sophia was #2).

According to the Washington Department of Health, 42,233 girls and 44,247 boys were born in the state in 2010. There were 474 Sophias and 416 Jacobs.

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Author Interviews
1:51 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

'Physics of the future': How will we live in 2100?

Originally published on Tue November 29, 2011 8:30 am

Imagine being able to access the Internet through the contact lenses on your eyeballs. Blink, and you'd be online. Meet someone, and you'd have the ability to immediately search their identity. And if your friend happens to be speaking a different language, an instantaneous translation could appear directly in front of you.

That might sound farfetched, but it's something that might very well exist in 30 years or less, says theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

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Budget crisis
12:45 pm
Tue November 29, 2011

6 troopers injured in demonstration at state Capitol

Washington State Patrol troopers use tasers to control a crowd of protestors who rushed at the locked doors of the Capitol and attempted to let people inside after the building was closed, in Olympia, Wash., on Monday.
Associated Press

OLYMPIA, Wash. — After compiling reports on Monday night's demonstration at the Capitol in Olympia, the Washington State Patrol says a total of six troopers were injured in clashes with protesters, five more than first reported.

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vaccine controversy
10:57 am
Tue November 29, 2011

Pediatricians struggle over patients who won’t vaccinate

Sitting in her home in Ashland, Ore., earlier this month Jennifer Margulis shows off empty vials of vaccine that she saves in case one of her children has a bad reaction. Like many parents, she is concerned about the right schedule for vaccinations.
Associated Press

Doctors across the country are saying they might fire you as a patient if you refuse to let your child be immunized, according to a few stories that have ignited all kinds of discussions about vaccines and the role of pediatricians.

But a new survey confirms that’s a minority viewpoint, particularly among pediatricians in Washington. 

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Public Safety
10:19 am
Tue November 29, 2011

Youth violence decreasing in Seattle, new report says

According to a recent report, efforts in the city of Seattle to deescalate youth retributions after violent encounters has helped bring down the number of violent incidents.
Dave Knapik Flickr

Young people in Seattle are committing fewer violent crimes than they did a couple of years ago – especially in areas that, historically, have had the most juvenile offenses, according to a new city report.

The drop could be the result of a citywide effort to combat the problem.

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The Digital Future
4:30 am
Tue November 29, 2011

Countering the cyber espionage threat from China and Russia

The cover of the cyber espionage report to Congress
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive

It's official: China and Russia are the two biggest sources of cyber espionage attacks against the United States.

The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive singled out those two nations in a recent report to Congress (coincidentally, it's been difficult to reach the counterintelligence website since the report came out and those links may not work).

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Budget crisis
3:57 pm
Mon November 28, 2011

Arena-debt bailout on Washington legislature’s agenda

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A panel of state lawmakers is considering a $42 million bailout package for a Wenatchee-area agency.

The Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District has been unable to pay off short-term debt for the Town Toyota Center arena.

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