University of Idaho
3:49 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

University of Idaho releases bustamante records

University of Idaho photo of Ernesto Bustamante

The University of Idaho has released school records pertaining to the August shooting death of university graduate student Katy Benoit.

The information released Wednesday by the UI includes the employment records of Ernesto Bustamante, the former university professor who police say shot and killed Benoit in August before committing suicide.

"The University responded immediately and decisively to protect Katy and to remove Bustamante from our community once we were aware of her concerns," says University of Idaho President Duane Nellis.

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2:30 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Washington's Condit Dam breached

Crews have blasted a hole in a nearly century-old hydropower dam in Washington's south Cascades today, marking another step in efforts to restore habitat for threatened and endangered fish in the Pacific Northwest.

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Protesting Wall Street
1:58 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Occupy Seattle sends press release; new phone app aids those arrested

Screenshots of an Android-based app that allows Occupy protesters, or anyone, to quickly send out out a message that they are being arrested.

Occupy Seattle members have sent out a press release declaring their intention to protest an upcoming speech by Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, at a University of Washington event in downtown Seattle next Wednesday.

And if any member is about to get arrested, a new Android-based app will help them notify a lawyer, family and friends with one touch.

(With update from Occupy Seattle's "media committee.")

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1:05 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street's most unlikely ally: The pope

Pope Benedict XVI rides in his popemobile through Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, last month. The Vatican has released a document on world economics, condemning "idolatry of the market."

Thomas Niedermueller Getty Images

Originally published on Tue October 25, 2011 4:18 am

Thomas J. Reese is a senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University, and a former editor of America, the national Catholic weekly magazine.

The Vatican released a document on the world economy on Monday that will cause heartburn in the Tea Party, but will be cheered by the folks occupying Wall Street.

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Budget shortfall
12:50 pm
Wed October 26, 2011

Projections gloomy for Tacoma city budget

Tacoma is facing a $26 million dollar budget shortfall. That was the grim news Interim City Manager Ray Arellano delivered to the Tacoma City Council during a 2011-2012 budget update. 

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11:43 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Oregon prison terms commission to meet regarding juvenile lifers

Originally published on Tue October 25, 2011 4:24 pm

The state of Oregon is about to take the first step in deciding the future of five juvenile murderers. The state's Commission on Prison Terms will meet Thursday afternoon in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Last month, the high court found the state has treated these five juvenile lifers more harshly than older killers.

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Alaskan Way Viaduct
10:30 am
Wed October 26, 2011

WashDOT says Seattle viaduct work on schedule, releases photos

Work to demolish the viaduct's southern mile near S. Royal Brougham Way is well under way.

The Washington Transportation Department says the work that has shut down the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle is on schedule.

WSDOT has published a new round of photos on it's Flickr site.

Spokesman Travis Phelps says the viaduct is scheduled to reopen early Monday. He said Wednesday it's unlikely the work would wrap up ahead of schedule. Some had hoped it would reopen in time for Sunday's Seahawks game in CenturyLink Field.

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Food for Thought
4:00 am
Wed October 26, 2011

Great squash recipes exposed

What's that plumber doing in my garden?
Nancy Leson Seattle Times

According to Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, the Narragansett Tribe  called it askutasquash, meaning  "a green thing eaten raw."  Of course squash comes in plenty more colors than green and usually we cook it. 

Here's two ways.

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5:13 pm
Tue October 25, 2011

U.S. House bill would sell off public lands in the Northwest

A view of Huckleberry Mountain from Rachel Lake Trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
Walter Siegmund Wikimedia Commons

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would require the Obama Administration to sell off public lands, including parcels in the Northwest.

The issue got a hearing Tuesday in Washington, D.C., just as some northwest lawmakers are pushing for wilderness protections on other lands.

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Protesting Wall Street
4:20 pm
Tue October 25, 2011

Cold chills Occupy Spokane; Seattle votes to head to college

Oakland police officers sift through possessions left behind by Occupy Oakland protestors Tuesday in Oakland, Calif. Occupy Oakland protestors were evicted from Frank H. Ogawa plaza early this morning by police in riot gear.
Associated Press

Spokane's version of the Occupy Wall Street protest has dwindled to only a handful of demonstrators, just a few weeks after a march through downtown drew some 300 people.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Occupy protesters at Westlake Park voted yesterday to move from the park to Seattle Central Community College.

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