Deena Prichep

Regional Reporter
oregon trail
8:01 am
Sat September 28, 2013

Historical Reenactors Celebrate Oregon Trail, the Video Game

Kobbi R. Blair, Salem Statesman Journal

We’re used to hearing about historical reenactors—those enthusiasts who spend a perfectly good Saturday wearing scratchy woolen war costumes. And on a recent weekend, a new group of reenactors gathered to bring to life the Oregon Trail, that 2,000-mile route from the Missouri River to the great Northwest. But instead of going back to the 19th Century, this group took its inspiration from a more recent era.

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Success with Olive Oil
7:49 am
Wed December 1, 2010

Oregon farmer hopes to repeat wine success with olive oil

These Willamette Valley olives are called 'shot berries' because they're the size of a bb.
Deena Prichep

Northwest farmers--like all farmers, really--are known for their grit. A few decades ago, nobody thought you could grow wine grapes in Oregon. But the early growers worked hard at it and made some great wine. Today, it’s a $1.4 billion a year industry. Now, there’s a new crop on the horizon.

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