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Homeless Youth
5:00 am
Mon July 23, 2012

A bit of security for homeless youth, and their documents

Steve Albertson of Springwire set up a scanning station at the Orion Center to let homeless youth secure their documents.
Gabriel Spitzer KPLU

A Seattle non-profit is trying to help homeless youth back up their important documents. Why does that matter? Well, try getting a job, government benefits or any number of other things necessary to get your life back on track, without proper paperwork. It’s an especially difficult challenge for homeless kids, who have no safety deposit box, no locked file cabinet, maybe not even a safe drawer somewhere.

Steve Albertson of Springwire, a non-profit that began by providing free voicemail service to homeless people, says often the young people just have a bag with everything in it, including their ID, work permits and phone numbers.

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