natural gas

5:00 am
Wed September 10, 2014

UW Study Raises Questions About Possible Health Hazards Of 'Fracking'

UW and Yale researchers investigated whether people living near fracking operations, like this one in Pennsylvania, reported more health problems.
WCN 24/7

Residents of a rural Pennsylvania county who live near natural gas wells reported more health problems than their neighbors who live farther away. That and other findings by a University of Washington researcher raise questions about the health effects of the practice known as fracking.

Researchers went door to door in tiny Washington County, in southwestern Pennsylvania, where gas is extracted by underground hydraulic fracturing. They didn’t tell residents they were there investigating fracking, calling it simply a general environmental health survey. They asked randomly selected households representing almost 500 people about a number of different of symptoms.

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Natural Gas
3:07 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

Utilities Want to Offer Natural Gas Truck Refueling, Competitors Object

This is Washington's first LNG refueling station, opened in Sumner by Blu LNG.
Tom Banse

Natural gas is cheaper and burns cleaner than the gasoline or diesel that goes into most vehicles. Those are two reasons trucking fleet operators in the Northwest are showing growing interest in filling up with natural gas instead of diesel.

The problem is there are very few filling stations for natural gas. Now several big utilities in this region are asking to get into this line of business. But the proposed expansion comes with some controversy.

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