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10:22 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Dinosaur skull seized from Wyoming home

A Tyrannosaurus bataar skull like this one is estimated to be worth between $250,000 and $400,000.

JACKSON, Wyo. – U.S. customs officials have seized a dinosaur skull from a Wyoming home as part of a federal Homeland Security Department investigation.

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8:45 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Caught: Lobster Cannibals Captured On Film Along Maine Coast

Maine scientists catch an adult lobster eating baby lobster for dinner.
Courtesy of Noah Oppenheim.

Originally published on Thu December 6, 2012 6:08 am

Step back, lobsters coming through!

This summer lobsters exploded in number along the Maine coast. There were so many crustaceans crawling along the ocean floor – and into fishermen's traps – that lobster prices plummeted. Many fishermen tied up their boats, and a price war even broke out between Canadian and Maine seafood distributors.

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3:08 pm
Wed November 28, 2012

Dog-fur knitting: New craft, old Northwest tradition

David Offf (L) and EnragedLioness (R) Flickr

Originally published on Thu November 29, 2012 10:39 pm

PORTLAND - As the cold winter weather rolls around, you may pull your warm wool sweater from the back of the closet. But these days, some people are knitting sweaters out of a different animal: dogs. It's a new craft movement that is actually part of a very old Northwest tradition.

At the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, you can find all sorts of yarn, from mohair to angora. And even some of the sheep and rabbits and goats that grew them. But here in the artists’ gallery, weaver Jerie Lucas displays sweaters and scarves knitted from another species.

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9:42 am
Fri November 9, 2012

Owls attack! People being 'swooped' in Seattle-area parks

“It felt like a sharp tearing, stinging, feeling in the back,” Celina Calado told KING. She been attacked on Bridle Trail near Kirkland.
Matthew Paulson Flickr

Barred owls have been swooping down on people in Seattle-area parks.

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4:12 pm
Thu October 25, 2012

Shark falls from sky onto California golf course

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. — Golf club employees in Southern California came to the rescue when a shark dropped out of the sky and flopped around on the 12th tee.

San Juan Hills Golf Club operations director Melissa McCormack says a course marshal found the leopard shark Monday afternoon and brought it to the clubhouse. It had puncture wounds where it appeared a bird had snagged it from the Pacific Ocean, about five miles away.

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4:38 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

Man dies after live roach-eating contest in Florida

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Authorities say the winner of a roach-eating contest in South Florida died shortly after downing dozens of the live bugs as well as worms. The grand prize in Friday night's contest was a live python.

The Broward County sheriff's office says in a news release that it is waiting for an autopsy to give the official cause of death.

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9:44 am
Wed October 3, 2012

Washington family reunited with missing python

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A Vancouver, Wash.-area family has been reunited with a 4-foot-long pet python inadvertently left behind in a move two months ago.

KATU-TV reports (http://is.gd/TEWv1E) that the python named "Snake" caused a stir when it was found on Monday. A Clark County animal control officer went to an apartment Tuesday to evict the creature and found it hiding behind a baseboard below a sink.

Snake's owner Carrie Olin says there was a mix-up during her move over who exactly had the python. She says she looked everywhere but then assumed a friend had taken the snake.

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5:38 pm
Wed September 26, 2012

Seattle's No.2! Bloomberg Businessweek ranks U.S. cities

They dinged us for rain, big surprise, but that wasn't enough to knock us out of the running.
Terence T.S. Tam Flickr

Seattle is the second-best city in the country, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The news org evaluated and ranked the largest 100 U.S. cities and published its results today.

San Francisco grabbed the gold ring at No. 1.

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4:47 pm
Tue September 25, 2012

Human finger in Idaho trout belongs to wakeboarder

SPOKANE, Wash. – A human finger found inside a fish at Idaho's Priest Lake has been traced to a wakeboarder who lost four fingers in an accident more than two months earlier.

Fisherman Nolan Calvin found the finger while he was cleaning the trout in early September. He put it on ice and called the Bonner County, Idaho, sheriff's office.

The Spokesman-Review newspaper reports that detectives were able to get a fingerprint off the severed digit. They matched it to a fingerprint card for a 31-year-old man.

10:56 am
Wed September 12, 2012

Don't blame fish for West Seattle hum

Don't blame a fish mating call for the humming noise that annoyed West Seattle residents over the Labor Day weekend.

A University of Washington associate professor who studies the Midshipman fish says he placed a hydrophone in Puget Sound, Elliott Bay and the Duwamish River Thursday night and heard no fish calls.

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9:07 am
Wed August 29, 2012

Shooting bulletproof glass injures man at Lyman 

LYMAN, Wash. — A man found out what happens when you shoot bulletproof glass after he tried it near Lyman.

Shotgun pellets ricocheted and hit him in the face, arm and stomach.

Skagit County sheriff's Chief Criminal Deputy Tom Molitor told the Skagit Valley Herald (http://is.gd/Yl8eX2 ) the injuries to the 21-year-old from Brier were superficial and he declined medical aid.

Deputies and fire department medics responded Monday to a pit where two men were shooting at the piece of ballistic glass. The other man was not hit.

9:09 am
Tue August 21, 2012

Everett man arrested in fatal parrot stabbing

EVERETT, Wash. — An Everett man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend's parrot to death with a serving fork.

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7:21 pm
Mon August 13, 2012

Not a hallucination: 7-foot python lost in Seattle park

A Seattle Animal Shelter spokeswoman says a 7-foot-long python has been reported lost in a city park.

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The unexplained
1:34 pm
Fri August 3, 2012

Who's making 'mysterious' crop circles near Wilbur, Wash.?

Crop circles approx. 5 miles northwest of Wilbur in Greg and Cindy Geib's wheat field.
Kevin and Leann Leyva

The hotspot for "mysterious" crop circles in the Northwest is Wilbur, an eastern Washington town of about 1,000 humans surrounded by wheat fields.

This summer, you can add to the town’s stats: The best-kept secret – Who makes the crop circles showing up near Wilbur.

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5:48 pm
Tue July 24, 2012

Study: Coastal Oregon waters slightly caffeinated

Is Portland's love of coffee leading to the caffeination of Oregon coastal waters? Photo by Diane Gilleland via Flickr

Originally published on Mon July 23, 2012 4:19 pm

The Northwest is known for its love of coffee. Now evidence of that is showing up in the Pacific Ocean. Researchers have found low levels of caffeine at half a dozen locations on the Oregon Coast.

Caffeine does not occur naturally in the environment in the Pacific Northwest. Marine scientists believe the java jolt gets into seawater through treated sewage and septic runoff.

A Portland State University graduate student collected water samples at 14 coastal beaches and seven nearby river mouths. Samples taken after heavy stormwater runoff contained traces of caffeine.

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