oceans and environment
10:30 am
Thu September 20, 2012

Inside that mysterious goo, oysters have a story

Pacific oysters in China are similar to the ones found on Washington beaches
©Guofan Zhang, photo by Tao Liu Nature

The oyster is more than a seafood favorite. It’s an ecological lynchpin in Puget Sound and on beaches around the world, so scientists are thankful the Pacific oyster is the latest creature to have its genetic code unveiled.

The shellfish has a lot going on inside.

“I'm just always totally amazed that what most people think of as a shell full of goo, when they open it up, has this very complex physiology, where they control reproductive process very similar to humans and mammals,” says Steven Roberts, a professor of fisheries at the University of Washington.

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Global Warming
12:24 pm
Wed April 11, 2012

Study blames ocean CO2 for oyster declines

oyster farms up and down the coast have been hit by the problem.
Claudia Wedell Flickr

Scientists are blaming slightly higher levels of carbon dioxide in Pacific Ocean waters caused by global warming for the failure of oyster larvae to survive in an Oregon hatchery.

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Food warning
10:14 am
Tue September 27, 2011

Washington oysters sicken 5 people

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington health officials say five people in the state got sick from eating raw oysters that were harvested from an area of Puget Sound's Hood Canal and distributed to 23 states.

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2:15 pm
Wed September 7, 2011

Some raw Washington oysters may make you sick

Warning: Some raw oysters will make you sick, says the Washington state Health Department .
Swamibu Flickr

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington state Health Department has closed some beaches to oyster harvesting at Samish Bay and the Hood Canal near Hoodsport because several people who ate raw oysters were sickened by a bacterial disease called vibriosis.

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