Seattle superhero

Seattle superheroes
1:06 pm
Wed May 2, 2012

May Day in Seattle got weird as 'superheroes' confronted protesters

This image of Phoenix Jones and Midnight Jack confronting protesters at the federal building in Seattle was posted on Instagram by dominickharris.

Seattle May Day protest took a turn for the weird as self-described superheroes Phoenix Jones and his sidekicks confronted protesters at the federal courthouse in Seattle. Jones has been accused of pepper spraying protesters in his efforts to protect the building, but a video released by him shows he didn’t spray people.

However, the video does make it apparent that one of his sidekicks might have.

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Phoenix Jones
12:51 pm
Thu October 13, 2011

Seattle ‘superhero’ evades charges; next Hollywood action figure?

In this screen grab, has put up a 'parody' of an action figure featuring Seattle 'superhero' Phoenix Jones.

Prosecutors have filed no charges, as of yet, against the self-proclaimed Seattle superhero who goes by the name Phoenix Jones.

Jones, whose real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor (and whose real face can be seen in the photos above), appeared in a city courtroom Thursday morning wearing a charcoal-colored mask and a superhero uniform under a button-down shirt.

The ‘superhero’s’ costume, exploits and court appearance are fast becoming internationally recognizable. Could this fortune (for good or ill) make Fodor’s character the next Hollywood action figure?

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