State Pension Funds

Pension Funds
1:33 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

Dozens Of Wash. Pensioners May Have Been Overpaid

Washington retirement officials have identified dozens of pensioners who may have received excessive retirement payments.

The Department of Retirement Systems said Friday it is in the process of reviewing 98 cases in which someone may have improperly received pension payments while working in another government job. 

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Pension Funds
4:49 pm
Wed January 8, 2014

State Senator Proposes End To Pensions For Elected Officials

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AP Photo

A Washington state senator says if 401(k) plans are good enough for Boeing machinists, they should be good enough for those who hold elected office.

Republican John Braun on Wednesday said he will introduce legislation to end pensions for all elected officials in Washington.

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Pension Investigation
12:16 pm
Tue August 20, 2013

Wash. to Shrink Pensions for 3 Ex-Firefighters

Washington auditors have determined that pre-retirement salary increases led to more than $30,000 in excess pension payments for three former firefighters, and the state projects it will save the system more than $140,000 by permanently reducing their combined pension values.

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Pension Spiking
2:03 pm
Tue July 23, 2013

State Audits Identify 4 Cases of Pension Spiking

Washington retirement officials said Tuesday they have identified four people that received improper raises shortly before retirement, but several other workers that got late pay bumps may be allowed to keep their larger pensions.

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Washington Legislature
7:47 am
Wed February 9, 2011

Treasurer, lawmakers seek constitutional amendment on pensions

A bipartisan group of Washington lawmakers proposes a constitutional amendment to require pension payments.
Austin Jenkins N3

Washington's pension system is underfunded to the tune of nearly $7 billion. Now the State Treasurer and a bipartisan group of lawmakers say the time has come to force the legislature to pay the pension bill.

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News Roundup
7:03 am
Tue November 30, 2010

Tuesday morning's headlines

Tacoma's Old City Hall (with the iconic clock tower) is 117 years old. Can it survive financial woes and a recent water pipe break that flooded parts of the structure? Some city officials are deeply worried the city could lose a landmark.
AP (Ted S. Warren)

Worries over Tacoma's historic Old City Hall,  over state pension funds, and a big snowstorm in the Cascades and eastern Washington.

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