Theo Chocolate

4:19 pm
Thu February 14, 2013

Report says Theo Chocolate tried to quash union effort

dierken Flickr

Seattle-based Theo Chocolate is known for its focus on sustainability and fair trade. But a new report says the company doesn’t deserve its "Fair for Life" certification because it tried to prevent workers from unionizing a couple of years ago.

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11:32 am
Thu November 18, 2010

Using chocolate to fight poverty: Tastes great … makes enemies

Joe Whinney and Theo Chocolate factory
Tom Paulson KPLU Humanosphere

Some businesses are taking the idea of ‘corporate social responsibility’ seriously – as opposed to just public relations.

But those looking for an unencumbered love-fest of enlightened capitalism might want to ask Joe Whinney, founder of Theo Chocolate in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, about how much love he’s gotten from his commercial colleagues for trying to also accomplish some social good.


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