Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
10:11 am
Thu February 14, 2013

The Kiss, Taxonomically Classified

If it were a movie, it would be called The Third Wheel by Orson Welles
Topical Press Agency Getty Images

Originally published on Thu February 14, 2013 9:36 am

Actually, this isn't at all scientific. Here are just a few examples of PDA that hopefully won't make your skin crawl. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day
9:42 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Tacoma zoo's tiger looking for a little love; Seattle octopuses find it

Ready for Valentine's Day during today's Octopus Blind Date at the Seattle Aquarium.
Seattle Aquarium

The Point Defiance Zoo is welcoming a visitor tomorrow for a special post-Valentine's Day tryst with Jaya – a Sumatran tiger named Malosi.

“We’re very excited about Malosi’s arrival and the pair’s potential to produce cubs,” said general curator Karen Goodrowe Beck. “The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered and we are working hard to protect and boost the population of this extraordinary species.”

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Song Of The Day
6:54 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Dirty Three: For Valentine's Day, a wordless love song

It's a pleasure to spend the holiday rolling around in the sumptuous beauty of Dirty Three's "The Pier."
Annabel Mehran

Originally published on Tue February 14, 2012 4:03 am

As any pessimistic Valentine's Day veteran can attest, the holiday is strewn with land mines: pressure to find someone, pressure to buy the right gifts, pressure to formalize casual relationships, pressure to even remember the damn thing is happening. Music doesn't help matters: Do you send a love song when you're not yet officially in love? What if you accidentally send a love song that everyone else knows was written about a faithful bloodhound? What if the songs you pick say too much, or too little?

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