Vancouver riots

Vancouver Riot
10:44 am
Fri September 2, 2011

Booze, thugs and 155,000 people: Vancouver riot examined

In this image taken from the published review of the Vancouver, B.C., riots, a mass of 155,000 people can be seen gathered to watch the Canucks play the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final. The report says the crowd got too big too fast.

Blame massive crowding, alcohol and inadequate police response as the main causes of the recent Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, B.C.

An exhaustive review of the riot sponsored by the Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Board was made public yesterday. 

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Stanley Cup Riot
10:42 am
Thu July 21, 2011

‘Hundreds’ identified as suspects in Vancouver riots

Not everyone in Vancouver went nuts when the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins.
Craig McCulloch KPLU

CTV News reports thirty-seven people involved in the Stanley Cup riot have turned themselves in to investigators and hundreds of suspects are expected to face criminal charges, according to Vancouver police.

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team warned, however, that the process to get charges approved will be "lengthy and complex."

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Sports with Art Thiel
9:00 pm
Thu June 16, 2011

Riots mar end to spectacular season for Vancouver Canucks

Parked cars were set on fire, others were tipped over, and looters shattered storefronts and ransacked businesses following the Vancouver Canucks' 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.
Photo by Craig McCulloch KPLU

It started out as remarkable, but ended in riots. The 2010-11 season for the Vancouver Canucks was one for the record books - in more ways than one.

KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel says the violence that occurred on the streets of downtown Vancouver after Game 7 was a bizarre end to the "strange" championship series between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

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Sports with Art Thiel
11:13 am
Thu June 16, 2011

Preview: Bizarre end to 'strange' Stanley Cup series

Art Thiel discusses the "strangest" Stanley Cup series ever and the posts-game rioting.
Craig McCulloch KPLU

"This was one of the strangest seven-game series I've ever witnessed in any sport," said KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel, regarding the Boston Bruins defeating the Vancouver Canucks 4-0, in Vancouver, to win the Stanley Cup.

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